NY Education Reform Spurs Lobbying “Arms Race”

Education policy is a big business all over the country. Regardless of your opinions on the current state of the US education system, there’s no denying that it is worth a lot of money and will continue to be so in the future. When states open up their education policies to review and change, they inevitably open the gates to the lobbyists who are working to influence the new policies in favor of their clients. Now, with the announcement of New York state’s decision to update it’s education policies, lobbyists and their benefactors around the state are gearing up for for a whirlwind of politics, money, and influence.

So far, since the start of 2006, numerous education interests and the lobbyists working on their behalf have spent at least $124 million trying to influence politicians, officials, and locals to support their causes (around $16 million was spent just last year). That’s not all though. The New York State Teachers Union and it’s New York City affiliates have also spent another $45.3 million in the past 9 years, although they are considered to be labor organizations as opposed to educational organizations. Now if you take all that money and you add in political education spending, you realize that education interests and teachers unions have spent $285.5 million over the past decade on lobbying and in pursuit of their goals. Clearly education reform is important to many different organizations and it means that the decision to update the current legislation is going to simply increase the amount of money spent.

With educational lobbying and spending increasing every year (it’s been a 57% increase since 2006) and education issues topping the state’s 2015 legislature session, the spending on education reform and education lobbyists is only going to increase. More and more people, and therefore companies and organized groups, are growing concerned with education and education reform as the United States continues to slip in world rankings. It seems as though this trend isn’t going to end any time soon, meaning that education lobbyists are going to increase in importance and have increasing amounts of money behind them as they try to persuade politicians and lawmakers that their side is the correct one.

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