Apple, Amazon, and Google Have Created a Lobby Organization

When people think of lobbying, they tend to think of the traditional industries that have engaged in the practice. Industries such as agriculture, finance, business, and manufacturing have frequently used lobbyists and lobbying firms to promote their interests in the government. That being said, as new forefronts of business and commerce continue to open and expand, new forms of lobbying and new groups are going to pop-up to serve the needs of these new business niches. One such example of this is the teaming up of three of the largest technology giants in the world to create an organization that will represent them and their interests when it comes to writing laws and the US government.hammer-719066_640

Apple, Google, and Amazon, usually rivals in basically every field, have teamed up to form the newest Washington D.C. advocacy group, Financial Innovation Now. The main purpose of this newest group is push for more comprehensive legislature when it comes to the topics of technology, cyber security, and basic access to financial services. The group will also be focusing on issues of fraud prevention, online lending, and making payments in real time over the internet. This is a big move for any group of companies, especially ones that are currently locked in a battle for marketshare in industries ranging from personal tablets to phones to online sales.

The fact is that this sort of group has quickly become necessary as technology has taken off and begun horning in on businesses that were traditionally done in person. Financial service apps are on the rise (ranging from apps like Venmo that allow you to transfer money between friends to official banking apps) and the increase in technological access and capabilities are already putting pressure on industries to do with things like cyber security. There’s a lot to lose with a congress that is slow to move and resistant to change and the imperative behind this new organization is to make sure that congress is approaching technology laws with the knowledge to make the right choice and not look at the laws through outdated views.

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